Brava for EMC Documentum

The first viewing partner. The most products. The number one choice.

Brava for EMC Documentum offers the most integration options to EMC Documentum software. As the first Designed for Documentum viewer, Brava has a proven, consistent track record for excellence. In fact, Brava is the number one choice of EMC Documentum customers. Brava provides the best fit of features, usability and compatibility for the best ROI and fastest user adoption

Brava is both tightly integrated and highly configurable. Customers can view native files and create and view PDF or CSF files. Check PDFs directly into the repository as new renditions or versions or check them into the Home Cabinet. Brava allows simultaneous collaboration, manages markups within the repository and honors printing and annotation rights for Documentum Users and Groups.

Brava 3D viewer lets anyone in the enterprise view and measure 3D models without expensive CAD software. Integrated into EMC Documentum D2 and Webtop, Brava 3D makes it easy to view, explode and analyze models.

What's New
Brava 7.3 for EMC Documentum xCP 2.1 - (4/1/15)
Brava 7.3 for EMC Documentum Webtop 6.8 - (5/27/15)
Brava 7.3 for EMC Documentum D2 4.5 - (9/1/15)
Brava 7.3 for EMC Documentum xCP 2.2 - (2/17/16) - with document version compare